Pickles Vinegars
Poppy Seed Dressing Jams

Dave and Mary Moss have been producing high-quality boutique jams, vinegars, dressings and pickles at TJ Farms for years, but the food just keeps getting better.

This small family farm, set just minutes from bustling downtown Chico, produces some of the best gourmet products available on the market from their own harvested crops.

Try sweet-tart Kiwi Jam, Kiwi-Orange Jam, Kiwi-Lemon Jam, sweet-hot Kiwi-Hot Pepper Jam, or delicious Kiwi-Strawberry Jam.

The family also makes a unique mustard, salad dressing and several vinegars – have you ever tried Kiwi Mustard or Kiwi-Poppy seed dressing? How about savory Kiwi Herb and Garlic Vinegar or sweet-tart Strawberry Vinegar?

And you haven't truly had a pickle until you've tasted Dave's Dazzlin' Dills, the Cadillac of pickles. These pickles are first hand-selected for size and freshness, then placed in a cold crock to keep crisp for curing. Once cured, the pickles are hand-packed into jars with tons of fresh garlic, dill, fresh chili peppers, bay leaf and mustard seed – there's a spicy, crunchy kick in every bite of these delicious dills!

TJ Farms offers a variety of pre-wrapped gift packs, as well as custom made gift packs. Come see our on-site gift shop!